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  • radius HP-N200BT หูฟัง Bluetooth (Black)
radius HP-N200BT หูฟัง Bluetooth (Black)

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High sound quality Bluetooth earphone EXTRA Clear
radius HP-N200BT

Product features

Powerful and high resolution Hi-Flat sound
The Φ 10.4 mm driver of the earphone body adopts the "Precision Acoustic Register Structure" that reduces the vibration suppression of the diaphragm, and the sound quality is adjusted more precisely. Especially reproducibility of mid and high range is high, female vocal songs etc are reproduced gently. Furthermore, "ringless diaphragm bonding method" realized a powerful and high-resolution Hi-Flat sound.
Easy connection
Pairing is only the first time, the next time you use Bluetooth of the connected device is ON, turn on the earphone and connect it automatically after a while.
Powerful long
time playback It is possible to play for about 9 hours for about 2 hours in approximately 2 hours.
Hands-free call compatible
handsfree calling is possible with Bluetooth HFP / HSP compatible iPhone, smart phone, mobile phone. You can also activate / manipulate Volume operation / Play / Stop / Song feed / Return / Receive / End call / Siri or voice search at incoming call.
Multi-pairing, multipoint correspondence
Multi-pairing capable of pairing with up to 4 devices, simultaneous connection to music reproduction device (A2DP profile) and telephone device (HFP or HSP profile) It corresponds to multipoint. Because it can receive by smartphone while listening to music with Bluetooth compatible music player, it is possible to have two smart phones and music players.
Deep mount earpiece 
RADIUS original proprietary deep mount earpiece with a reputation for fit is enclosed. Earpiece fits behind the ears, thus realizing a stable wearing feeling and rich bass playing.
A removable clip that can secure the battery case to the collar such as stable attachable clip attached shirt is attached. Stable mounting prevents detachment of moving.
Adjustable port 
Earpiece attachment position can be adjusted in two steps, so it fits tightly to the ear and enhances bass reproduction performance.

High sound quality Bluetooth earphone EXTRA Clear HP-N 200 BT
Color Part number JAN code
black HP-N 200 BTK 4531465046280
Red HP-N 200 BTR 4531465046297
Communication method Bluetooth standard Ver 4.2
output Bluetooth standard Power Class 2
Maximum communication distance Prospecting distance approx. 10 m
Corresponding profile A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Supported codecs SBC
Continuous playback time Up to about 9 hours
charging time About 2 hours
Model Dynamic type
driver Φ 10.4 mm
Output sound pressure level 98 ± 3 dB
Playback frequency band 7 Hz to 24 000 Hz
Impedance 18 Ω
Earpiece (XS, S, M, L) 1 set each 
Clip × 1 
Pouch × 1 
Micro USB cable (for charging) × 1 
Instruction Manual / Warranty × 1 
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